French Broad River Partnership Organization

Steering Committee

  • Garrett Art, RiverLink, Co-chair
  • Maria Wise, Mills River Partnership, Co-chair
  • Andrea Leslie, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Secretary
  • Erica Anderson, Land of Sky Regional Council, Administrator
  • Michael Cheek, North Carolina Forest Service
  • Tim Fox, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality – Annual Meeting sub-committee
  • Jane Margaret Bell, Ecosystem Services – Membership sub-committee co-chair
  • Jay Hawthorne, Trout Unlimited
  • Gray Jernigan, MountainTrue – Membership sub-committee co-chair
  • Anne Keller, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-retired – Annual meeting sub-committee co-chair
  • Sandy Melton, Blue Heron Whitewater
  • Gary Peeples, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Eric Romaniszyn, Haywood Waterways – Funding sub-committee chair
  • Mark Shelley, National Forest Foundation
  • Jessica Whitmire, Headwater Outfitters – Annual meeting sub-committee co-chair

Water quality working group – Anne Keller and Morgan Harris, co-chairs

  • The water quality working group works to better understand stressors to our river corridor and watershed, develop projects and approaches that would reduce impacts and improve water quality, and seek funding to enable this work on a scale larger than our partners organizations can do alone.

Business and recreation working group – Jay Hawthorne and Eric Romanisyzn, co-chairs

  • The business and recreation working group works to develop positive connections and enhance understanding of the monetary and aesthetic value of the French Broad River and its tributaries. We are accomplishing this by working with the business community, recreation providers, and other interested stakeholders in the eight counties that for the North Carolina counties in the watershed.

Outreach and education – Andrea Leslie and Gary Peeples, co-chairs

  • The outreach and education working group works to support and develop outreach and education efforts to maintain and improve stream health within the French Broad River watershed. The group’s present objectives are to develop a web presence, design a watershed education strategy, develop digital newsletters, and draw up a “Top Ten Things to Do for Water Quality” list.