Five adults gathered around a picnic table looking at a tray holding aquatic insects
Educators identify insects collected in the North Toe River. Credit: Gary Peeples

Become a member of the French Broad River Partnership today

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All you have to do is read and agree to our Membership Policy and register you or your organization below:

Thank you for your interest in the FBRP!

By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Land of Sky Regional Council, 339 New Leicester Hwy, Asheville, NC, 28806, You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at the bottom of every email. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact

Membership applications will be considered on a bi-monthly basis by the Steering Committee. Members will need to renew their membership each year, as our policies may change.

Already a member and wanting to join a Work Group? Send an email to the Work Group leaders (see appropriate tabs).

Interested in serving on the Steering Committee? Email Jane Margaret Bell to inquire.

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to a diverse network of environmentally-focused people and organizations that are all passionate about improving water quality in the French Broad River Watershed
  • Collaboration and coordination with other members on grant applications, project brainstorming, conceptualizing initiatives, and more
  • Access to shared valuable skill-sets and planning tools for use on Partnership projects
  • Ability to request a Partnership-backed Letter of Support for grant applications
  • Opportunity to pursue large grant funds only accessible to partnership-type organizations
  • Involvement in one or more of our active Work Groups
  • Opportunity to guide the direction of future initiatives for bettering the French Broad River Watershed
  • If desired, promotion of your organization on our website and in marketing materials

Facts about Membership:

  • There is currently no fee to become a Member or Supporter of the Partnership
  • Anyone can join the partnership: individuals, businesses, non-profits, academic organizations, etc.
  • Joining the Partnership means committing a small fraction of your already busy schedule to every other month meetings of one of our working groups and attendance to our Annual Meeting event. You can also serve on the Steering Committee.
  • Participating in a working group can mean attendance to continued education presentations and planning meetings, providing input on project ideas, contributing to a grant application, and/or getting directly involved in one of our many ongoing projects.
  • We need people with diverse skills, perspectives, backgrounds, and above all, a deep commitment to making our watershed better for all, humans and ecology alike. All are welcome and we urge you to invite others.
  • When you register be sure to indicate what skills/knowledge you bring and anything else we might want to know about your past experiences and how you think you can contribute to our efforts.
  • If participation in these activities is too much for you to commit to or you are having a particularly busy year, then we welcome you to register as an official Supporter of the Partnership. You will still receive emails and access to our network, but will not have a vote in Partnership matters.

For any questions about membership requirements or responsibilities please contact Membership Subcommittee Co-Chairs Jane Margaret Bell and Gray Jernigan.