Core values

Lone person sits in the bow of a canoe, looking downstream where other paddlers are boating down the river
Paddlers travel down the North Toe River
Logo of the French Broad River Partnership

The French Broad River Partnership was formed by voice vote by those in attendance at the formation meeting at Highlands Brewing in the fall of 2018.


To maintain and improve stream health within the French Broad River Watershed for environmental and economic benefits.


That broad‐based interests work collaboratively to ensure the French Broad River Watershed serves as a source of drinking water and recreation while supporting biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, forestry, and economic growth.

Guiding Principles:

We recognize sustainable economic development and the pursuit of improved water quality are mutually beneficial goals. We work collaboratively, engaging the skills and resources of diverse stakeholders to achieve a greater positive impact.   We operate with integrity and transparency to define challenges to watershed health and resolve them through innovation and stakeholder commitment, resulting in a lasting impact on the river.   We engage communities because knowledge empowers all to consider the health of the river in daily and long‐term decisions.