What’s the French Broad River Worth to Our Communities?

On any August Saturday afternoon, beer drinkers stand on the New Belgium patio looking down as scores, even hundreds, of tubers drift by on the French Broad River. It’s a scene that didn’t exist ten years ago, and one reflective of the increasing importance of the French Broad River. A newly-formed organization, the French BroadContinue reading “What’s the French Broad River Worth to Our Communities?”

Wavyrayed lampmussel returns to the French Broad River

Asheville, North Carolina — As a trio of kids on inner tubes quietly floated down the French Broad River outside Rosman, North Carolina, a nearby snorkeler broke the river’s surface, disturbing the quiet with a quick clearing of water from his snorkel. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Jason Mays was searching the river bottomContinue reading “Wavyrayed lampmussel returns to the French Broad River”